The 2017 competition was juried by Yancey Richardson, Director of the Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York City.

For more information about our annual competition, visit our Competition page.

Please also be sure to view our Winners Gallery. To see last year’s prizewinners, visit the 2016 Competition Prize Winners page.

Congratulations to our 2017 Prizewinners:


First Prize: Jay Seldin – Montclair, NJ

Jay Seldin
Montclair, NJ

Boys During Recess, Mantanzas, Cuba
Archival pigment print, 20″x24″
First Prize


Second Prize: Natalie Morawsky – Citta di Castello, Italy

Natalie Morawsky
Citta di Castello, Italy

Fairground Focus
Archival pigment print, 10″x15″
Second Prize


Third Prize: Richard Kent – Lancaster, PA

Richard Kent
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

New Holland & Franklin, 1st Series, 8X
Archival pigment print, 16″x20″
Third Prize


Fourth Prize: Jennifer Garza-Cuen – Reno, NV

Jennifer Garza-Cuen
Reno, Nevada

Untitled — Boy with Gift Wrapped Car
Archival pigment print, 32″x40″
Fourth Prize

Fifth Prize: Dan Gemkow – Columbia, MO 

Dan Gemkow
Columbia, Missouri

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (US Border Crossing)
Archival pigment print, 24″x30″
Fifth Prize

Sixth Prize: Michaela Michener – Philadelphia, PA

Michaela Michener
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Given: Grandfather, Grandmother, from the series “A Family Affair”
Archival pigment print, 16″x20″
Sixth Prize

Seventh Prize: Rebecca Moseman – Purcellville, VA

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, Virginia

Archival pigment print, 9″x14″
Seventh Prize

Eighth Prize: Mariette Pathy Allen – New York, NY 

Mariette Pathy Allen
New York, New York

Spirit Mediums in Burma
Archival pigment print, 20″x24″
Eighth Prize

Ninth Prize: Rachel Jump – Concord, MA 

Rachel Jump
Concord, Massachusetts

Bacchus and Philemon, 2016
Silver print, 16″x20″
Ninth Prize

Tenth Prize: B. Proud – Wilmington, DE

B. Proud
Wilmington, Delaware

Faith and Kim, transgender couple
Archival pigment print, 36″x24″
Tenth Prize

Eleventh Prize: John Wehmiller – Swarthmore, PA 

John Wehmiller
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

CB Bridge
Archival pigment print, 22″x13″
Eleventh Prize

Twelth Prize: Tracy Hoffman – Chappaqua, NY

Tracy Hoffman
Chappaqua, New York

Helen Frankenthaler and the Dot Motif
Archival pigment print, 30″x25″ 
Twelfth Prize


Thirteenth Prize: Jano Cohen – Wynnewood, PA 

Jano Cohen
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Atif Shadow Boxing
Archival pigment print, 13″x20″
Thirteenth Prize

Fourteenth Prize: Ashley Comer – New York, NY

Ashley Comer
New York, New York

Boy On Subway, 12/12/2016
Archival pigment print, 8″x12″
Fourteenth Prize

Fifteenth Prize: Mark Havens – Philadelphia, PA 

Mark Havens
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Untitled (Stockton & Ocean)
Archival pigment print, 21″x32″
Fifteenth Prize