2007 FACES

There were numerous photographs in the 2007 Photo Review Competition in which the sitter’s face is essential. In some the photographer cropped tightly into the face, providing a confrontation we cannot escape. In others, gesture and body language — or the environment (real or imagined) — play an important role, but it is still the face and its expression that animates what we understand about the subject.

Heavier Things Remain

Natalie Obermaier
Venice, CA
Heavier Things Remain
Chromogenic print, 10.6"x16"

I Am Watching You #2

Brigitte Lustenberger
Brooklyn, NY
I Am Watching You #2
Chromogenic print, 8"x7"

Danica, Age 5  Santa Ana, California  2005

Susan Anderson
Los Angeles, CA
Danica, Age 5 Santa Ana, California 2005
Lightjet print, 19"x19" or 33"x33"

1998: I Am Disgusted with Myself

Barbara Singer
New York, NY
1998: I Am Disgusted with Myself
Inklet print, 7"x4.5"


Howard Waxman
Philadelphia, PA
Inkjet print, 21"x14"

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