This is certainly a very idiosyncratic collection to pull out of all the color images submitted, but to me there was something about the use of color in these images that was slightly askew: a blip of red, unusual desaturation, the reflection of a lavender sky, a strange green or turquoise or aqua. That off-color color forces a longer look.

Red Chair

Nancy L. Abrams
Millburn, NJ
Red Chair
Inkjet print, 7.02"x12.5"

Fishing by Hand in the Anglin

Joel Simpson
Union, NJ
Fishing by Hand in the Anglin
nkjet print, 11"x17"

Begin, Walk On

Timothy McCoy
Asheville, NC
Begin, Walk On
Inkjet print, 32"x40"


Shoragim Amir
Richardson, TX
Archival pigment print, 16"x20"

The Photo Review, 140 East Richardson Avenue, Suite 301, Langhorne, PA 19047-2857.

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