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Winners chosen by Philip Brookman, Senior Curator of Photography and Media Arts,
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

First Prize
Heather McClintock
Boone, NC
Alema Rose, Aler IDP Camp, Uganda, 2006
Inkjet print, 16"x24"

Second Prize
Cara Cole
Redlands, CA
Brutal Instincts
Inkjet print, 30"x32"

Third Prize
Stephen Marc
Tempe, AZ
Untitled #1
Archival pigment print, 9"x26"
Fourth Prize
Ghada O, Khunji
Brooklyn, NY
Unititled 9 from the Dominican Series
Archival inkjet print, 6"x6"

Fifth Prize
Heidi S. Nielsen
Washington, DC
Praying in Times Square, 42nd Street, NYC
Chromogenic print, 9"x13.5"
Sixth Prize
Dona Schwartz
Minneapolis, MN
Grilled Chicken
Chromogenic print, 14.5"x21.75"

Seventh Prize
Deborah Hamon
Novato, CA
Fish Out of Water
Chromogenic print, 15"x15"
Eighth Prize
Keiko Hiromi
Dorchester, MA
Toddy #2 Evaley and Mickey 07/03/05
Silver print, 9.5"x13.5"

Ninth Prize
Jess Taylor Dugan
Roxbury, MA
Self with Mom
Silver print, 16"x20"
Tenth Prize
Jenny Hamilton
Philadelphia, PA
Atzompa Cemetery I, Day of the Dead
Toned silver print, 13"x9"

Honorable Mention
Deborah Degraffenreid
Woodstock, NY
Silver print, 14"x18"
Honorable Mention
Shelby Graham
Santa Cruz, CA
Living with Bombs II
Silver print / mixed media, 16"x20"
Honorable Mention
David Julian
Seattle, WA
Family Portrait, Chalmette, LA, 2005, from the Katrina series "Taken from the Heart"
Archival pigment print, 20"x17"

Honorable Mention
Sylvia Sensiper
Davis, CA
Isobel 2005
Chromogenic print, 18"x14"
Honorable Mention
Andrew Shoenfeld
Catonsville, MD
Guernica Nueva
Inkjet print, 36"x71"

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