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Winners chosen by Bill Hunt, Director of Photography, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York

First Prize
Susan Abrams
Merion Station, PA
Veins #2
Toned silver print on handmade paper, 19.75"x15.75"

Second Prize
Bradley Blackway
Warminster, PA
Tanks #2
Collodion ambrotype, 14"x48"

Second Prize
Jason Gallacher
Astoria, NY
Untitled 3
Inkjet print, 36"x36"
Second Prize
Karen Keating
Bethesda, MD
Watching, Cuba 2003
Silver print, 9"x9"

Second Prize
Mary Mattingly
Brooklyn, NY
Inkjet print, 40"x40"
Second Prize
Mike Robinson + Spring Hurlbut
Toronto, ON
The Visitation
Daguerreotype, 4.25"x3.25"

Third Prize
Raymond Curran
Tucson, AZ
An American Childhood
Archival pigment-based print, 28"x28"

Third Prize
Katherine Nortz
Tuckahoe, KY
Room #51, Seventy Dollars & Four Cents
Chromogenic print, 18"x18"
Third Prize
Nami Ogata
Chicago, IL
Von Freeman's 79th Birthday
Silver print, 13"x18"

Third Prize
Brian Shumway
Costa Mesa, CA
Micah's Stick, American Fork, Utah 2002
Silver print, 6.5"x9.5"
Third Prize
Hiroshi Watanabe
West Hollywood, CA
Patient CC, Schizophrenia Residual, San Lazaro Psychiatric Hospital
Silver print, 10"x10"

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