Heather McClintock, Abia Church, Abia, IDP Camp, Uganda, 2007
Heather McClintock
Boone, NC
Abia Church, Abia, IDP Camp, Uganda, 2007
Inkjet print, 10"x15"



Every year we receive many wonderful images in our annual competition that don't make it into our printed issue. And every year there seem to be images that relate to each other in a particular way. (Last year, for instance, in several images there was a pairing of objects or people or other picture elements where the twinning created an emotional or pictorial relationship of heightened interest.)

So this year, in addition to exhibiting just the prize winners, we are putting up all the accepted entries plus we decided to put up a special web-only exhibition arranged around several themes that seemed particularly prominent among entries this year: Alone, Dive, Little Creatures, Many, Off Color, On the Line, I've Been Working on the Railroad, and The Thing Itself. While each of the pictures in these web galleries has something to say in its own right, I think the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in that a group of related pictures raises more questions and provokes more answers when seen together. And I must say that there were many excellent images not included here because they did not relate to a larger theme among the images submitted — no fault of their own. Nonetheless, we are pleased to offer these worthy efforts of many fine photographers.

Stephen Perloff

View the Alone Exhibition
View the Dive Exhibition
View the I've Been Working on the Railroad Exhibition
View the Little Creatures Exhibition
View the Many Exhibition
View the Off Color Exhibition
View the On the Line Exhibition
View the The Thing Itself Exhibition


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